From the beginning, our choice has been to rely on experience, to implement practices based on the highest standards, and to develop open relationships to become a reference partner in the management and statistical analysis of health-related data.

Our values


Research involving human subjects involves complex regulations. Inferential produces results that support important decisions on healthcare products such as safety or efficacy assessments and ultimately market authorization. That's the reason why we apply the highest quality standards for each client and maintain stringent requirements during the course of every project.


Our clients are involved in the future of healthcare. We get involved on their side. We take ownership of their issues with thoroughness and integrity, dedication and sense of service, to best meet their needs.


Assembling talents is the core of Inferential’s story. It is one of our greatest strengths. This collective approach is a pillar and a driving force. Everyone aims to be a reliable and continuous support for others. It is also in this spirit of mutual support that we team up with our clients.

Inferential, a story of people.

Anne Hummler is an entrepreneur.
Sylvie di Nicola is a scientific expert.
Anne is a business school graduate. She has over ten years of international experience in business consulting and management roles in micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). However, starting her own company had been her dream for years. She is a passionate person and has always been interested in science, especially in healthcare since her father was a medical doctor.
With a statistical academic background, Sylvie has worked in all areas of biostatistics and has over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and in consulting in clinical research, real life data, epidemiology, pharmacoeconomics etc. She gets involved in each project with curiosity and thoroughness. While she has never shied away from any difficult methodology or groundbreaking subject, she prefers concrete application to pure research. Her experience in project management is an undeniable asset.
Anne and Sylvie met and spend time together talking. Sylvie explains her passion for healthcare data and statistics and Anne talks about business plans, markets, brands and…freedom.
2010 – Inferential is born!
Soon the pair consider developing data management services to control the data from end-to-end. They believe that combining data management and statistics makes sense to increase the reliability and quality of the results.
They explore, they investigate.
A friend introduces them to Grégoire Fesneau.
He is an expert in clinical data management. He is familiar with both the pharmaceutical industry and service companies. He has already been involved in the selection and validation of an electronic data collection system. He is a master in all aspects of data management and he has experience in recruiting and leading teams. He fits the perfect profile.
Setting up a data management department from scratch and building his own team?
2015 – he is in!
All three of them are driven by the same sense of service. They believe respect and trust are essential for building long-lasting and high-quality relationships.

Our partnership with Lazare mirroring our values

“As a kid, my dream was to sail the Vendée Globe Challenge. As an adult, my dream is to sail the Vendée Globe Challenge for Lazare” Tanguy le Turquais, sailor.

The world’s eyes are set on the sailors of the Vendée Globe Challenge (a single-handed non-stop round the world yacht race) as they hit the finish line. All the yachts bear the names and branding of banks or insurance companies, but Tanguy wanted to sail a yacht that brought the attention on those who need it – in particular the homeless, who are invisible to everyone.

And he came across Lazare, a charity that promotes flat-sharing between former homeless people and young workers. Lazare is fighting against exclusion and isolation, as well as providing access to housing.
We crossed Tanguy’s path and although we are not the biggest sponsor of the Lazare x Tanguy project, we were among the very first to be onboard. We are proud and happy to be part of this great adventure!